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Escape Room Fun for Freiburg and southwestern Germany

What has happened?... The Mission

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Escape Room
Escape Room
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Escape Room
Escape Room

A young computer freak has been unable to land a job as a system electronics engineer, despite applying for several appropriate companies in Freiburg and the surrounding area. Now he wants to show everyone how much they would have needed him. Along with a few other hacker friends, he is planning a general attack on all the networks and systems and wants to trigger an ultimate MCA (maximum credible accident).

He has lived in a hiding place for the past 3 years and worked on his plan. Now he is giving a group of 3 to 8 people the chance to find his hidden codes and puzzling messages within 60 minutes and to connect them. If they are successful, he will stop the hacker attack.

Save southern Germany from the ultimate MCA (maximum credible accident) and register your group!

60 minutes of excitement with your colleagues, friends or family, or as a starting activity for a bachelor party.

1 Team • 1 Room • 1 Goal • + 60 minutes to solve a secret mission.

The game requires teamwork, lateral thinking, creativity, logic and intuition. Escape rooms or mission rooms are often compared to geocaching, scavenger hunts, adventure games or quest games, etc., but take place in one manageable room and therefore promote almost unlimited team dynamic within the group. You'll notice it!

Prices and Information

Opening Hours:

We accept reservations for almost any day at any time according to availability of the rooms and personnel as agreed upon.

Make your reservations as early as possible by sending a short email with your desired date and a telephone number to

Price in €
(ca. 1.5 hours incl. opening instructions)
pro person
2 people 40 80
3 people 28 84
4 people 24 96
5 people 20 100
6 people 18 108
7 people 17 119
8 people 17 136
Piccolo sparkling wine 3
Other drinks see menu

We would be happy to recommend a restaurant to complement your game-playing event.

  • You can play "Hacker's Home" at different levels of difficulty:
    • LEVEL 1: Beginners who are playing for the first time and who have no experience with similar games
    • LEVEL 2: Beginners who have already played in a room or who are "puzzlers"
    • LEVEL 3: Advanced players who have already played in a few rooms
    • LEVEL 4: Pros who have a lot of experience with escape rooms or mission rooms
  • Same Room SECOND Chance:
    If you have already played "Hacker's Home", you can play the same room with the same or different players after 2 or 3 months at a higher level!
  • Minimum Age Requirement:
    "Hacker's Home" can be booked for children aged 12 or older when accompanied by a parent or guardian, and aged 16 or older when accompanied by an adult.
  • Payment:
    Cash and EC Card payment.
  • Meeting Point:
    Is always on the parking lot next to the red building with our logo; please wait there and do not disturb possible game play. (On rainy days, please wait under the large parking deck located 10 meters away.)
  • Toilets:
    Please use the toilet at home or before coming to the arena, since it is not possible to go during the game (or at all, since there are no public toilets!).
  • Bringing in food or drink is NOT allowed
  • Information on Data Privacy:
    The cameras set up inside the room are to assist the personnel supervising the game. NO recordings are being made (not even if requested).
  • Photos of Your Group: We would be happy to take pictures of your group with your cellphone, so that you can share these with your friends. Just hand us your cellphone at the end of the game—and smile!
  • Liability: (unfortunately we have to include this)
    None of our puzzles require pressure or force. Everything can be opened or moved easily. If someone thinks he or she has to use brute force and unnecessarily disregards the rules thereby damaging our equipment, that person will be charged for damages. We ask for your compliance. (Notice: Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs will NOT be allowed to play and the team fee in this case will not be refunded.)

Company Events

  • A maximum of 8 people may book a room. Since many companies have significantly more than 8 people, we also offer the Mind Arena, currently for up to 21 people and beginning in August 2017 for up to 42 people.
  • Upon request (please inform us beforehand), we also offer a small sparkling wine to the guests before or after the Mind Arena. We would be happy to recommend a restaurant to complement your game-playing event.
  • DEUTSCH: The Escape Room can also be played in German! Interesting for international meetings, language schools, schools, tourists, etc.
  • MOBILE Mind Arena® for Groups of 10 to 100 people: We bring the Mind Arena mobile to you! When you book the "mobile-flatrate," we will set up the Mind Arena in your garden, courtyard or other private property, or in your office building or sales rooms, restaurants, clubs & discos during daytime hours, schools, campgrounds, or wherever a setup is technically possible and permitted. With 2-6 teams, up to 48 people can play at the same time; with 2 rounds of 7-12 teams up to 100 players; with 3 rounds up to 150 players...
  • The opening of the second Escape Room „escark® - escape the dark“ lanned for 2018.
  • The Psychology: Compare any other event (that boasts the term "team building") with our FindOut-Games. You will notice that nothing comes close to our FindOut-Games team-building and team communication: Who is thinking, who is acting, who is leading, who is holding the group together, who is structured,...?" That's pure psychology and group dynamic!
  • Occasions: There are plenty of them! Company outings, Christmas parties, employee awards, anniversaries, summer or winter events, or even as an assessment tool; for apprentices, senior management, departments, etc.
  • Psychological Evaluation: Our games were developed in collaboration with a practicing psychologist, who can be booked upon previous arrangement (Gunter Bordel,, to evaluate and discuss the entire happenings of the Arena with productive objectives in mind. The evaluation can take place either in the Arena or in your own rooms for an additional fee.
  • Information on Data Privacy: The cameras set up inside the room are to assist the personnel supervising the game. NO recordings are being made (not even if requested). It is also prohibited to film or take pictures while inside the room.

Contact and Booking
Buchholzerstr. 3 / 79183 Waldkirch

In the red building across from the large REWE Center >Desired date and time, number of participants, phone number and best time to be reached! 07666-9439311 (office with answering machine)
0177-2571953 (office and mobile)


- By train: Get out at the stop "Waldkirch Batzenhäusle" and walk 3 minutes.
- By bus: Get out at the stop "Industriegebiet," and walk 3 minutes.
- By car: Buchholzerstr. 3, 79183 Waldkirch (address for GPS)

Franchise / Cooperation

Numerous team members, including a practicing psychologist, have invested several hundred hours in the development, planning and documentation of the game we offer here. We are confident that we are offering one of the most innovative and high-class game concepts on the German and international market. Visit us and tour the Mind Arena in Waldkirch near Freiburg and you will notice immediately that with our detailed specifications, everything can be purchased, built, and run by your own employees without any problems. Beginning with the square footage, information on usage rights for government agencies, calculations of profitability, the individual puzzles and puzzle sequences, the entire game CONCEPT, MP3 files that lead the players through the game, FindOut-Game Apps for the tablets, links for purchasing, construction manuals on video, licenses, advertising check lists and planning aids—it all amounts up to you receiving everything that you need in order to install and run a tested game with your own employees within a short period of time.

You will find us at 21 different sites in Germany (as of Dez 2017) Waldkirch/Freiburg, Köln, Unna, Herne, Forchheim, Würzburg, Rosenheim, Villingen, Hagen, Greifswald, Münster, Heidelberg, Magdeburg, Braunschweig, Giessen, Delbrück, München, Rostock, Wiesbaden, Oberlausitz, and soon to be at many more sites.

70% of all escape rooms in Germany are self-built for a reason. You and your employees have more of a relationship to the product, the puzzles, and the game play, as well as more coaching abilities, improvisational and repair competence, lower investment and operating expenses, no disagreements with the installer when something doesn't function, as well as many other similar advantages.

We charge a one-time concept purchase price plus a yearly territorial protection fee; a clearly defined territorial will be guaranteed.

We charge a one-time concept purchase price; NO monthly fees or other possible hidden costs. For each license a clearly defined territorial protection will be guaranteed.

Here you can find further information on our game concept sales.